Green Tips
ECO Friendly Shopping Tips
Thursday, 02 Jan 2014

Use Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

From shopping bags made with recycled materials to re-usable organic fabric bags to biodegradable bags there are many eco friendly shopping bags available for the modern eco shopper! Grocery stores often offer re-useable shopping bags as well. Hypermart (available at Lippo Mal Kemang) is one of the grocery stores that offer re-useable bags. These bags can be used not only for groceries but for other types of shopping as well. Whichever of these options you choose they are far better for the environment than traditional plastic bags. 


Buy items with packaging that can be recycled is only half the trick of course! You will also need to be sure to make the effort to properly save and recycle the packaging when you get home.

Walk To Shop

Since Lippo Mall Kemang and Hypermart are within walking distance, get the benefit of some added exercise and walk or bicycle to the shops.

Avoid Individually Packaged Items

While many of us enjoy the convenience, avoid buying individually packaged items when possible.

No Toxic Chemicals

Check the labels of personal goods, cosmetics, cleaning products, and food to be sure that wherever possible you do not buy items with toxic or suspected toxic ingredients.

Buy Certified Organic

Yes it does cost more, but organic foods are much better for you health than food that are grown with the use of pesticides and herbicides.