Green Tips
3 Smart and Clever Ideas for making your Life Easier
Monday, 16 Nov 2015
Our daily life brings new opportunities, challenges and struggles. Overcoming them using some nice clever ideas can obviously give a boost in your work hence making it more fun and loving.

These are 3 clever and smart ideas for making your household life easier and fantastic :
  • Use cloth container for storing plastic container
If you have a old cloth container which is now of no use do not bin it   up, well you can recycle it and use it as a old plastic bag container       which can be useful if you store more plastic bags and use them on     daily basis.

  • Using Muffin – Pan as handy craft tray
A large Muffin Pan which is waste can be used as a nice handy craft tray entirely portable for keeping stuff which might be useful for your kids in keeping their creative needs fulfilled.

  • Use bread tag for wire labeling
If you own a big whole of nightmare wire house, having cables for everything going one to another or passing out from one system and like that than you seriously need this awesome trick or hack whatever you call it but remember this will seriously resolve your every small problems and will surely make your workplace a nice clean work-ground.