Vision & Mission


Our vision is to provide superior services and maintain Kemang Village as the epitome of smart living. That is, we are aiming to have our residents live, work, and play in a harmonious, orderly, and safe environment, where mutual respect and consideration for each other’s right is highly valued, and thus we are here to ensure the community at Kemang Village to be the most desirable, liveable, and well-managed community in the country.

Other than maintaining Kemang Village as the epitome of smart living, our vision is also to make Kemang Village as the first integrated complex that promotes green and healthy living, where people can find lots of green areas, a landscape that is punctuated by lush gardens, and liquid pools that are designed to reduce pollution in Jakarta and to maintain comfortable temperature within the area. In particular, we seek to make Kemang Village as the South Jakarta’s beautiful ‘oasis in the city’ with a climate that is cooler, breezier, healthier, and safer than others.


In order to move forward and successfuly reach our vision, KVM is here to exclusively run Kemang Village community and plan our missions. Firstly, KVM’s forefront priority is ensuring the utmost satisfaction of its stakeholders, which include maintaining its infrastructure and assets to the highest standard of quality, carefully manages all operational and management costs, effectively responds to the residents’ needs and establishes a strong sense of community.

Secondly, KVM has to be conscious at all times of its responsibility towards the sustainability of this new built environment, guarantee the quality of excellent services, and guided by Kemang Village Rules and Regulations.

Overall, Kemang Village is a master-planned, mixed use, and world class property set amidst a lush natural landscape, and Kemang Village Management is here to serve better and make things right.