KVM Team

Asset Management and Operations (AMO)

“Clean is Everything”

AMO team helps to make sure that anytime you walk, jog or bike through the Village, the roads and pedestrian paths are clean, the gardens are immaculate and green, and you can hear birds chirping and enjoy the sight of colorful butterflies who find their home amongst us. Other than that, AMO team ensures daily collection of rubbish in the towers and commercial units in the village. As such, the team goes from tower to tower to remove and dispose your daily household waste, clear up recycling disposal bins at the rubbish centers, and clean up the bins  until they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. AMO team also looks after the village’s water and sewerage treatment facility, flood retention basin, roads and drains, and the rest of the villages infrastructure. It takes precision and high discipline to do all these tasks, and KVM’s AMO team is certainly ready to do what it takes to see their “Healthy living” mission complete.


Building Management

“Taking Greater Care of Your Home”


Our Building Management handles the construction, maintenance, replacement, and refurbishment of building, as well as ensuring that the security, health and safety, and maintenance of this built structure are in place to a satisfactory level.


Community Development Department

“Reaching You”


Community Development Department helps residents to improve the quality of life in KVM, and acts as a link between communities and a range of other local authority. Community development also enhances residents through the creation, management, and operation of community assistance and outreach programs.


Customer Service

“Your Comfort Keeper”


Customer Service (CS) meets residents’ expectations and produce residents' satisfaction. They serve resident inquiries concerning KVR services such as residential cards, billing and payment, party room reservation, and others regarding to residential living



“Fifteen Minutes to Your Door”


Technical engineer provides engineering or technical support in KVR. Engineers make sure that all technical or mechanical equipment is functioning properly within safety margins, and are always ready to troubleshoot equipment or systems and to provide solutions when these systems break down or are no longer functioning efficiently.



“100% Clean”

Housekeeping manages and maintains the property and equipment of KVR. They build KVM a better place, safer and easier to live in.


Protective Service

“Safe and Secure Environment”


Kemang Village is a “gated community” with security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform security checks at the main entry gates as well as gated clusters within the complex by means of the latest technology for vehicle and Resident access control with Smart- Card technology and a CCTV surveillance system.